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Is Hair Transplant a Part of Cosmetic Surgery?

Hair Transplant as a Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a medical term used to describe any procedure or rather surgery performed to improve the outer appearance of a body part. Now very obviously hair grow outside the skin and your hair on head are visible to everybody. Hair transplant certainly comes under cosmetic surgery because it also involves changing your appearance.
Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

Why go for Hair Transplant?

Baldness was never taken pleasantly in the past and with the passage of time it nearly became a taboo. A bald person many social and medical problems and a hair transplant is seen as a blessing by hair loss sufferers.

Hair transplant in Pakistan is opted by those who suffer from extreme hair loss and is applicable and available for both genders. Some of the reasons of hair loss are listed below

•    Age

Ageing is a process which weakens your muscle and tissue. Hair tissue is also a victim of this process and that is why people suffering from middle age crisis also have to face the horror of losing their hair.

•    Stress

Stress is one of the major reasons of hair loss. People who have a hectic job or suffer from everyday stress tend to lose their hair more rapidly.

•    Genetics

Baldness is one gene you can hope is not active in your blood stream. You do get your baldness genes from your elders so you can only wish you survive the passed on problem

•    Hormonal Imbalance

This usually occurs in women. Especially those women who have problem with their monthly cycle see two extremes of hair problems. Either they become too hairy or suffer from extreme hair loss.

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplant in Pakistan is now available in all the major cities. You can find boards of certain doctors on many of the main roads of metropolitan cities. Hair transplant in Pakistan is popular among men than women. Men wish to look younger and are willing to pay an extra price for it too.

The procedure of hair transplant involves the patient going under local anaesthesia and hair follicles from a healthy growth of your body are taken out surgically and implanted into the head. The process is rather like sewing. Hair loss management is not something out of the world. Anyone can go for it and so can you.

Where to go for a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant in Pakistan is usually carried out in a cosmetic surgery hospital. You will also find that usually liposuction facilities are readily available with hair transplant. This is so because liposuction is one surgery which can be performed alongside any other surgery.

All those patients suffering from thinning hair and baldness don’t have much to worry. Medical science has improved over the years and you have an answer to every problem so get a check up from your nearest doctor. Hair transplant in Pakistan is not a dream but is a pleasant reality.

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