Friday, March 15, 2019

Delicious and Healthy: Moringa Tea

Moringa Tea

One of the most famous and tastiest ways to use the moringa power tree is in the form of moringa tea. The moringa tea has a spicy taste and a slight sweetness of natures. In addition to being able to drink away, this tea is also full of nutrients (win win thinking). This spicy tea gives you a real boost without caffeine making it perfect for use in the morning and a little less sensible at bedtime.  

Pure Nature

The moringa tea is made from dried leaves of the moringa tree.   The leaves have exceptional nutritional values ​​and have a range of medicinal properties. For example, in 50 grams of dried moringa leaves there are no less than 5 times more vitamins than in carrots, 8 times more calcium than in a glass of milk and 4 times more protein than in a bowl of yogurt. So despite the drying of the leaves, the nutrients remain present.   Besides the dried leaves can be used for tea or as a herb in the kitchen, they are also used as a food supplement in the form of powder.
Moringa Tea
Moringa Tea

If you want to eat the leaves fresh, this is possible too. You can, for example, cook them and use them in your meal. The taste can then be compared to spinach. But when it comes to tea the taste is so good.

Moringa Tea is

  •         Activating
  •         Pure nature
  •         Spicy & sweet
  •         Source of vitamins
  •         Rich in protein
  •         Good start to your day

How to Make Moringa Tea

Boil some water in a pot, then after boil put off the stove and add moringa leaves into it and just steep it for few minutes like 4-5 minutes. Strain the tea and drink, you can add sugar to taste and also lemon into it to make it more tasty.

Another way to make moringa tea is to add cinnamon, fennel seeds, licorice, and cardamom along with moringa leaves. If you add all these ingredients into your moringa tea then it will become more potent and this way you can also get the benefits of all healthy things along with moringa health benefits.

Another style is to add  moringa tea leaves with ginger and dried orange

This is an exotic blend of moringa leaves, orange and ginger, making it a perfect balance between flavors and nutrients. 

Moringa is rich in anti-oxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help combat infections. Every sip will take you to a peaceful place. 

This natural herb infusion is ideal for enjoying in the afternoon or after a meal. 

This tea can be drunk both hot and cold and is also suitable for bedtime, because the tea does not contain caffeine. Children love it!

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