Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Latest Supercars News: Ferrari’s First low-bake Paint Technology

As fascinating as watching a paint job on a supercar can be, it is the aftereffects which cause big challenges in the way of creating a flawless supercar. What we see as a final, shiny end-product for a supercar has actually had to go countless stages of research and careful implementation to finally take on a perfect shape. Apart from the flaws in the paint job, low-quality ceramic automotive paints are also strongly related to environmental pollution. However, it seems like Ferrari is all set to become a pioneer in eradicating this problem.

Top 10 Supercars in the World face paint issues:

Did you know that even the Top 10 Supercars in the World are exposed to numerous paint problems during manufacturing? According to Latest Supercars news, a lot of time, effort and revenue are wasted upon paint jobs simply because of problems like crawling, bleeding and scraping off paint arise during the manufacturing process. These paint job issues are as large in number as the variety of blends and paint types the industry has discovered. Here is how Ferrari is surpassing this problem:
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Ferrari’s pursuit for excellence:

From creating pristine car models to upgrading its production technology every year, Ferrari has enjoyed the spotlight for its pursuit for excellence on a number of occasions. Last year, decided to take its collaboration with PPG on a whole new level by embracing and introducing an innovative low bake paint systems. This decision has just turned Ferrari into the world’s first ever car manufacturer to adopt a highly effective, Low Temperature/Low Cure Clear Coats Paint Technology.

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Eco-friendly innovations:

The world’s favorite Prancing Horse has always enjoyed a position of favor due to its countless eco-friendly alterations in its production model. Back in 2004, Ferrari was amongst the pioneers of adopting water-based paint system in order to lower the environmental hazards caused by the excessive use of harmful automotive paints. Last year, Ferrari continued its commitment by announcing the use of low temperature paint system.
Best Supercars
Best Supercars

All about new low-baking paint technology:

According to the latest cars news, the need for low bake paints in the Top 10 Supercars in the World is mainly because of the high-temperature requirements for paint jobs. The new low-temperature curing system solves this problem by lowering the usual temperature to 100 degrees from 150 degrees. This two-component based paint system combines base coats with specially formulated clear coats at low temperature, thereby reducing energy costs and making the process much more sustainable.


Here is why this low-cure resins hardener can help the car manufacturers:
·         Enhanced chemical and mechanical resistance
·         Improved Cross-coat linking
·         Reduced water-permeability
·         Enhanced color uniformity among different car components.

Current Progress:

Ferrari seems to be swiftly adopting the new low bake paint technology as it has already industrialized the system. Almost 61 different basecoat colors are being industrialized up till now- all of which are based on combinations of matte or gloss pigmented clear coats with metallic basecoats.

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